Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals(CSCMP)--美国供应链管理专业协会



  CSCMP Vision / Mission Statement

  “To lead the supply chain profession by connecting, developing, and educating the world’s logistics and supply chain management professionals throughout their careers"

  The CSCMP Board of Directors is responsible for voting on the mission, vision, and goals of CSCMP on an annual basis. With the board coming directly from the field of SCM, their understanding of the needs and wants of CSCMP members creates an organizational structure with the return result of CSCMP providing unparalleled service based on what is best for the supply chain professional and the advancement of their career.

  Learn about the steps CSCMP will take to accomplish its mission and goals during 2016 - 2018.

  CSCMP exists to:

  Provide opportunities for supply chain professionals to communicate in order to develop and improve their supply chain management skills

  Identify and conduct research that adds to the knowledge base of supply chain theory and practice

  Create awareness of the significance of supply chain to business and to the economy

  CSCMP is not:

  A trade association, social organization, or high-density market, so we do not condone suppliers who use the organization to promote their services

  Aligned with shippers, carriers, warehouse operators, material handling equipment manufacturers, consultants, or any other similar industrial grouping

  An organization that engages in matters where various members have contrary interests

  An organization that endorses, sanctions, or discourages supply chain-related legislation, products, or services